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Access on demand and live technical support

All Prodly subscriptions include a basic support plan that provides easy access to technical support, including:

  • Prodly Success Community self-service support portal
  • Global technical support – web, email, and phone
  • New customer and admin onboarding

Open a Support Case

Submit, track status, and collaborate in the Prodly Success Community. 

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Product Documentation

Browse our help site to find what you need.

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Give us a Call

Business Hours: Monday – Friday, excluding holidays
7:00am – 5:00pm PST
+1 (650) 761-4876

Support SLAs

Severity 1

Service substantially fails to perform.


Response time: 1 business hour

Severity 2

Substantial degradation in performance of the Service.


Response time: 2 business hours

Severity 3

Minimal to no impact on the availability or performance of the Service. Prodly will make commercially reasonable efforts to include in the next major release.


Response time: 3 business days